Risperdal and Seroquel makers sued by Montana

The manufacturers of Risperdal and Seroquel, widely-prescribed anti-psychotic drugs, have been sued by the Montana Attorney General for injury or deaths of Montanans.

I hope more state Attorneys General will get on this particular band-wagon. These drug companies have very deep pockets (billions of dollars of profits per year) and are using extremely aggressive marketing campaigns to get doctors to prescribe these drugs off-label, for things that they were never approved to do by the FDA. The pseudo-science of psychiatry is in bed with Big Pharma on this, and are guilty of pushing the whole “bad brain chemistry” myth, for which there are no scientific tests, in exchange for kickbacks from the drug companies.

The girlfriend of the killer in the most recent in the spate of school shootings, in Illinois, said that her boyfriend was on 3 psych drugs and complained of not wanting to feel like a zombie. But when he tried to come off the psych drugs, he became irrational, and then snapped and started shooting people.

These drugs are not just ineffective (placebos often work as well) their real problems revealed in the testing that have been masked by the drug companies promoting them. So it’s a good thing that at least one state is going after them.

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