NY Detox Center

Here’s a testimonial from someone who recently completed the Purification Program provided by the NY Detox Center:

“I came to the project depressed and shattered both physically and mentally due to the horrific events of September 11, 2001…During my time spent in the program, a sense of well being and peace replaced the constant fog that had shrouded my life for the past several years. I gradually began to sleep through the night and let go of the nightmarish images that have haunted me since that tragic day in September. Responding to this new found peace and the constant regimen of exercise and supplements, my body began shedding the toxins accumulated in my system over the years through different manifestations while in the sauna, ranging from sweating blue to drunken hazes.”

Even the churlish NY Times is catching on to the fact that many of the firefighters, cops and sanitation workers who helped clean up the wreckage of the World Trade Center have gotten sick and are dying. The NY Detox center, funded in part by Tom Cruise (and which is free to those who do the program), was set up specifically to help those brave rescue, recovery and cleanup workers.

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