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Dr. Laibow’s Health Freedom Blog contains a good summary of the state of the Codex Vitamin and Mineral Guideline plot by the big pharmaceutical companies to rob us of the freedom to choose our own natural health supplements. I don’t take a lot of supplements, but I damn well want to take the ones I believe I need, and I don’t give a damn whether Big Pharma or their lapdog (aka Congress) thinks I should or not. To paraphrase the gun lobby, “They can have my Vitamin B-1 when they pry it from my cold dead hand.”

I have nothing against allopathic (normal) medicine personally — just that it’s usually very expensive and often my MD doesn’t seem to have a clue. And I think most Chiropractors are (this is a technical term) “wackos”. But occasionally you find one who knows what he’s doing and can help.

I recently mystified my MD by showing up with excruciating low back pain that I could turn on by eating anything – any food whatsoever and I went into agony. I thought it was kidney pain until he showed me that my kidneys were half way up my back, not down where it hurt. A urine test came back completely clean, no bacteria, no blood, no nothing. He sent me to a local hospital where, after a bazillion dollars worth of tests and xrays, he was still stumped.

So I dragged my body over to the local chiropractor. He took one look at me, listened to my symptoms, and handed me a brochure exactly describing my condition and what to do to handle it. He adjusted my back and rubbed a couple of points on my foot and shoulder for a minute and that was it, my digestive system (and lower back) was completely fixed. For $30 I was out the door, problem solved. He didn’t even try to sell me any vitamins, and that’s where he makes most of his money!

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