Good luck to this teacher… she’s gonna need it!

A teacher in Medford, Oregon (about three hours from where we live) has a concealed weapons permit. But her school board, in its infinite wisdom, has warned her that she is not allowed to carry her weapon on school grounds. Apparently they didn’t get word of what happened at Vtech, Columbine, or up in Springfield, where a teacher with a handgun handy would have kept students alive.

The teacher wants to remain anonymous, and has the permit because she’s afraid of her ex-husband. She doesn’t want him to find her and beat her up (again). She’s got a restraining order, but if it came down to it, she could defend herself a lot better with her concealed weapon than with a piece of paper.

She’s hired a lawyer to take her case to court. Here’s an article about it on

I wish her luck on getting this resolved without her name becoming an issue (the suit is filed with the name of “Jane Doe”) on it. The lawyer handling this seems pretty crafty — he’s already using the press well. So we’ll see. Oregon is a good place to run this kind of case, as long as you stay out of Eugene and Portland, the two main “blue” areas of the state. The rest of it is “red” and fairly conservative. But the only big cities we have here (Portland and Eugene) are infested with tree-hugging, sandal-wearing patchouli-reeking liberals. Medford is kind of half and half — it used to be a hotbed of conservatism, but it has been overrun by retiring Californians looking for cheap housing, moving up to get away from California and its repressive taxes in their dotage. So how this particular case will turn out is anyone’s guess.

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