Global Warming Test

Global warming is happening – there’s little controversy over that (although with snow here in Oregon in mid April, it’s sometimes hard to believe that other areas are warming up enough to average it out). There’s a lot of controversy over how much, and to what degree it is caused by human activities.

Here’s a cute little test of your knowledge of Global Warming, in honor of Earth Day. How hysterical should we all be, and to what degree should we all be trying to shut down carbon emissions and cripple industry, in an attempt to “handle” the causes of global warming? The test will help you figure that out for yourself.

BTW, lest anyone get incensed about my callous disregard for the environment — I’ve cleaned up an enormous amount of trash in my life. I firmly believe in taking care of the environment, starting with where I live and working out from there. I carry a bag with me when I go hiking, and I routinely find and pick up crap left from previous generations of people, as well as beer cans and candy wrappers from this generation.

I’m just not that easy to tip to hysteria about what appears to be a naturally occurring geological cycle.

What’s your view?

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