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Rafferty Pendery over at Social Follow has come up with a new FREE tool that lets you create a button so that others can easily follow you on your favorite social media sites, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook (my three personal favorites). His free tool allows you to set up easily used “follow me” links that drop down from a “follow me” button, like the one above.

You can have up to 10 buttons in one account, for different websites. There are many options of button colors to choose from. I like the black one above. I’ve already added it to the header of all the pages on jmblog by editing my WP template. (Yes, this is a WP blog despite the Art Nouveau theme we created five years ago when we started this blog!)

Raffy called me to tell me he was launching a few minutes ago, because I asked him to, so I could be the first person to mention it on Twitter. The site is live and making buttons now for the first 500 users to arrive. So don’t dally! Go there now!

I liked (from an SEO viewpoint) that the link within the button to his site is JavaScripted, so Google won’t follow it. So it doesn’t leak any page rank from your site over to Social Follow.

I’ve long been an advocate of the “Add This” social bookmarking tool. But this tool is different and makes it easy for others to follow you on their favorite social networks. It was, I think, very needed and wanted, and now is available, FREE.

Now to see how they will ever monetize this…. Even Google Adsense ads on their home page should generate some income as people show up to start using this new tool.

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