Cyclone Larry – volunteer needs help

An acquaintance, Lisa Miller of LA, is seeking funds to to go Australia to help the victims of Cyclone “Larry”. Not a joke – Lisa spent several weeks last year helping victims of Hurricane Catrina as a full time Church of Scientology Volunteer Minister and now wants some help from you to go help the Ozzies. Enough small Paypal payments to her will do the trick. I’ll vouch for her.

It’s part of a campaign by the Scientology VM’s to get hundreds of them there to distribute supplies, clean up and build new facilities, and help those who have lost everything. Scientologists have some tools called “assists” that actually do help someone re-focus after a great loss such as losing one’s house or a loved one. I’ve experienced them personally (after my house burned down!) and I’ve given them (most recently to a friend lost a daughter) so I know from personal experience that they do work to help take some of the attention off the loss and let the person work their way through the grief.

Anyone who’s had a good assist will tell you there’s nothing else like it to help get you back on your feet.

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