Ban ADHD drugs, not Tag

Tony Zizza writes an excellent on Reality Check [original article taken down] about how a school in Colorado has banned tag on its playground, supposedly because “some children complained they were harassed or chased against their will.” Tony says:

Ban ADHD drugs, not tag. That’s right. You would have to be a moron with a capital M if you do not realize that the emotional impact of tag on an elementary school student is a hell of a lot less severe than the emotional and physical impact ADHD drugs have on students whose minds and bodies are still – growing. Did you hear me? Still growing!

He’s right. Kids have been playing tag since we lived in caves. Kids have fun! They learn to control their bodies not by taking ADHD drugs, but by getting out there and chasing other kids, being chased. They skin their knees. They break stuff. They hurt each other and get hurt. Because they’re kids, not adults! They learn what works and what doesn’t in interpersonal relations. ADHD drugs make them incapable of feeling anything, including empathy, sympathy, elation, shame or remorse. We’re making a generation of emotion-incapable children. God help us when they become our age and we are dependent on them in our dotage. What kind of monsters will have been made by following the pseudo-scientific religion known as the psychiatric brain chemistry imbalance theory?

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