Updated JM Blog Design

We recently updated the WordPress software for this blog, and the old theme (had it in place since 2003!) finally broke beyond all repair.

So – we have a somewhat new look, which you’ll see on all the pages of the site now.

The new design incorporates part of the old design (kept it in the image at the top of the page) and some of the colors. But I think it was time to update it anyway. My significant other simply detests all things Art Nouveau, but she somehow managed to convince me to keep the Art Nouveau design above anyway, because, she said, “You like it and I want you to be happy.”

So, guess what! I am happy with it.

We’ve incorporated the Yoost DeValk SEO module and many others, to make it as search engine optimized as it can be.

If you run into any problems using it, please let me know.

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2 Responses to Updated JM Blog Design

  1. Bob Hurt says:

    So, I wonder what makes the design fall into the nouveau category. I like it, nouveau or aulder. It flows cleanly and free of daedal.

  2. Jere Matlock says:

    Bob – the rounded corners, the font, and the colors of the top of the page are in the Art Nouveau style.

    The whole site used to be really funky Art Nouveau.

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