How to Get Links To Your Site

I routinely check all the outbound links from my site using a program from to look for sites I link to that Google has banned, and using to find any broken links. If your site has a ton of broken outbound links, or if you link to a website Google has banned, you can bet that Google will penalize your site.

I found one such banned link today on my site, on a page I hadn’t updated in a a while; I updated it with all the info I have on how to effectively get links to your site.

The article is here: How to Get Links To your Site

Good luck on using it. If you have questions about link building, I’ll be happy to answer them below.


Jere Matlock

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2 Responses to How to Get Links To Your Site

  1. Nice tips , thx for sharing

  2. I just read the article and it is very informative.
    But we still have to mention the submission of Directories. It’ll be an massive increase number of links to collect if you use this method. Another thing is the Social Bookmarking, one of the best way in increasing backlinks.

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