Mad Rights

This group[link died] has similar goals to CCHR. MindFree headquarters seems to be in Eugene, Oregon. Their leaders seem to be survivors of psychiatric repression. I like their tag line, “Mad Pride”. Psychiatric labeling has no basis in reality, those damaged by it could do worse than joining up with Although I think for any really effective steps against psychiatry, you’d need to be a member of CCHR. It’s been CCHR that has gotten closed down hundreds of psych hospitals in the last decade. Their tireless documentation of and exposure of psychiatric abuse earns them my deepest respect.

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  1. Hello Jere:

    Thank you for posting that entry about

    I will check their website out because I am currently doing a research on psychiatrists and therapies.

    By the way, your blog looks fantastic and has many valuable gold nuggets of business information.

    Keep up the good work.

    Ikey Benney
    New York City

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