Chemical imbalance bogus

Amazing what a celebrity like Tom Cruise or Mel Gibson can do for a cause. Last year the cause was the promotion of Christianity through The Passion of the Christ. This year, Tom Cruise ignited a firestorm of media with the simple observation that Matt Lauer was glib and irresponsible — both of which are obvious to anyone who has ever watched Matt Lauer (or any talk show host for that matter) at work. He is PAID to be glib and irresponsible. Speaking of Ms. Glib and Irresponsible, now Brooke Shields is entering the fray.

Here’s one MD’s take on Shield’s position:
Doctors Lambaste Shields’ Dangerous Position on Paxil

Here’s a great article about the admission of the president of the APA that there is no science behind the whole chemical imbalance theory of brain disorders: AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION ADMITS THERE IS NO TEST FOR “CHEMICAL IMBALANCE”

Here’s an article about the rampant over- and mis-prescription of dangerous drugs for post partum depression: Abusing women in the name of psychiatry, prescription drugs[link died]

Here’s a great article by Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights, the only group around that stands up to the arrogant jackasses prescribing mind-altering drugs to toddlers in the name of “help”: AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION ADMITS THERE ARE NO EXTERNAL VALIDATING CRITERIA FOR PSYCHIATRIC DIAGNOSES.


It’s about time that people are listening to this psychiatric watchdog group: PSYCHIATRIC WATCHDOG SPEAKS OUT ABOUT TOM CRUISE SPEAKING OUT.

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  8. I enjoyed reading this. I just started a poll on sodahead: DEPRESSION: WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO TREAT DEPRESSION IF THE CHEMICAL IMBALANCE THEORY IS, IN FACT, INVALID? There I quote the research paper “The Media and the Chemical Imbalance Theory of Depression”, by Jonathan Leo PHD, & Jeffrey R. Lacasse. I would love it if you could visit the poll. Per the terms of sodahead, you can’t promote a group, so I haven’t mentioned CCHR. I am trying tho to get the word out that there are good alternatives to depression and to educate the public about the harmful effects of the psychotropic drugs. Your input would be appreciated!

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